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Breaking News

All Death Records Will Be Electronic Starting Saturday
As of Saturday, Nov. 1, the Registry of Vital Records and Statistics will not accept paper death certificates for any death that occurs on or after that date. Click here for more information.

EDRS - Common Issues Funeral Directors Are Having and the Fixes for Them.
After one week several common errors have been identified. Click here for a list of the common issues and the fixes for them.

Announcing the EDRS Quick Start Guide for Funeral Directors
With the Electronic Death Records System poised to go live on Monday, Sept. 1, the VIP Project has created a Quick Start Users Guide specifically for funeral directors. MFDA has obtained an advance copy to share with members before its general distribution. The guide includes step-by-step instructions to walk funeral directors through the new process of online death certificates. Click here to view and print the guide.

Answers to EDRS Questions & Links to Resources to Take Advantage of Today!
We've complied a listing of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the use of the new Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS). Click here to view the FAQs and the links to show you the answer!

Important Announcement from Boston Burial Permits Office
Funeral directors need to be aware of several important updates and changes at the Boston Burial Permits Office – click here to view.

CDC Issues New Guidelines regarding the handling of human remains
The Center for Disease control has issued guidelines on he safe handling of human remains. Click here to view the new guidelines.

Have the Talk of a Lifetime

'Purple Lights' Provision.  What you need to know. 

Funeral directors are advised that authorized vehicles in a funeral procession can mount and display flashing, rotating or oscillating "purple lights" if the funeral home owner or funeral director chooses to display a colored light. No flashing, rotating or oscillating lights of any color other than "purple" can be used after that date by the funeral industry.  Click here for more details.

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