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The Massachusetts Funeral Directors Association is the funeral directors’ professional community and is the recognized voice and resource for information on issues affecting the funeral service profession as well as the bereaved community that we are honored to serve in the many cities and towns throughout Massachusetts.  Together we leverage our experience, expertise and influence to anticipate and address issues, to build skills, to develop practical solutions to business problems and to set the standard for quality service and ethical practice when serving bereaved families.  MFDA represents over 500 funeral homes in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is the largest representative organization of funeral service professionals in New England.  During the period of one year, our members provide services for over 40,000 families and during that same period over 2,000,000 people visit our member funeral establishments.  Licensed funeral establishment in good standing in Massachusetts are eligible for membership.

Membership types avaialble are as follows:

MFDC 02 - 1-100 Calls Per Year
MFDC 03 - 101-125 Calls Per Year
MFDC 04 - 126-150 Calls Per Year
MFDC 05 - 151-200 Calls Per Year
MFDC 06 - 201-300 Calls Per Year
MFDC 07 - 301-400 Calls Per Year
MFDC 08 - 401-500 Calls Per Year
MFDC 09 - 501-600 Calls Per Year
MFDC 10 - 601-700 Calls Per Year
MFDC 11 - 700+ Calls Per Year

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