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Upcoming Events

9.26.18 - Building a Better Business CEU Session:  Professional Embalmer's Session

10.5.18 - 10 a.m. - OSHA On Call with Curtis Rostad
10.12.18 - 3 p.m. - OSHA On Call with Curtis Rostad
10.19.18 - 3 p.m. - OSHA On Call with Curtis Rostad
10.24.18 - Building a Better Business CEU Session:  Funeral Service Annual Financial Review with Ron Cooper

MFDA Long-Term Goals

To fulfill its mission and realize its vision, MFDA strives to achieve the following goals:

  • To provide leadership for the profession by clarifying a standard for success and helping members understand and address change.
  •  To be respected as a pro-active voice for the profession that shapes the issues and perceptions important to funeral service.
  • To be an expert resource for information, education, products and services that satisfy practical business needs.
  • To be a professional network where members can share information, exchange ideas, and build productive, rewarding relationships.
  • To be a sought after partner with related professionals and groups to address areas of mutual interest.
  • To be representative of and engage all those involved in the funeral service profession.
  • To provide for routine, open, two-way dialog and flow of information with members across the state.
  • To operate an effective, efficient structure and systems to identify, address and follow through on goals and priorities.
  • To operate a strong leadership-staff partnership driven by consensus around MFDA values and goals, clear roles and responsibilities, performance measures and accountability.
  • To benefit from an ongoing pool of qualified, committed volunteers, leaders and staff, and adequate financial capacity to implement MFDA goals and priorities.