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9.26.18 - Building a Better Business CEU Session:  Professional Embalmer's Session

10.5.18 - 10 a.m. - OSHA On Call with Curtis Rostad
10.12.18 - 3 p.m. - OSHA On Call with Curtis Rostad
10.19.18 - 3 p.m. - OSHA On Call with Curtis Rostad
10.24.18 - Building a Better Business CEU Session:  Funeral Service Annual Financial Review with Ron Cooper

Have the Talk of a Life Time

When grieving a death, memorialization – taking time to honor the life of a loved one in a meaningful way – and remembering the difference a loved one made in our lives can be an important step in the journey toward healing.

Today, there are so many ways we can remember and honor the unique people in our lives. Memorialization can be a personal experience that reflects the personal values, interests and experiences of our loved ones and helps those who are left behind to remember those who matter most.

Sharing stories and reflecting on a person’s life offer opportunities to remember how our loved ones shaped and influenced our lives. Acknowledging the importance of loved ones in our lives is an essential step in the healing process.

Having the talk of a lifetime is the first step.  Click here to learn more.