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Upcoming Events

AUGUST 10, 2021
Annual OSHA Training

SEPTEMBER 14, 2021
Annual OSHA Training

SEPTEMBER 16, 2021
Professional Embalmers Session - 6 CEUs
Massachusetts Medical Society | The Conference Center at Waltham Woods
Waltham, Massachusetts
Must be pre-registered to attend.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2021
Funeral Service Appreciation Night
The Publick House
Sturbridge, Massachusetts
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MARCH 16-18, 2022
Celebrant Training - 8 CEUs
The Colonial Inn
Concord, Massachusetts


MFDA President recaps issues of interested from NFDA Policy Board Meeting

MFDA President Courtney Fitzgibbons, our association's representative to the NFDA Policy  Board, recaps the National Policy Board meeting. Including a number of federal and NFDA issues for members to make note of.   Learn more>